Marsden & Manly Childcare, Nurturing Young Minds Through Love, Learning & Growth

We Believe in Growing a Love of Lifelong Learning in Every Child

Doing things differently -committed to making day care and kindy a fun place- treehouse Early Learning Manly Qld

Doing Things Differently

We act with pride, energy and genuine positivity, and we go out of our way to deliver value that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

We are committed to making Treehouse Early Learning daycare and kindergarten in Marsden and Manly, a fun place where we share a laugh, celebrate achievements and maintain balance and perspective for each other.

Branches of Learning

Your child is on an amazing developmental journey that starts at birth and along the way

equips them with the knowledge and skills they need for a life filled with amazing possibilities. 

Sprouts 1-2 years of age - safe, warm, loving baby learning - - treehouse Early Learning Manly childcare Qld


Through a warm, safe and loving approach our educators will gently transition your baby into the learning environment

Seedlings - exciting toddler years, communication, skill development - treehouse Early Learning daycare Marsden & Manly Qld


During the exciting toddler years, children’s communication skills develop, they are open to new challenges and they learn to play, experiment and concentrate.

Saplings 3 - 5 years - preparing for school, engage and learn - treehouse Early Learning Manly Qld


Preparing for school is an exciting time in most children’s lives, our Team strive to ensure your child has the desire to engage in play-based learning with both peers and educators to achieve a positive start to their schooling years.

Activities and Fun

Have a Look at Our Activities and Fun Tailored to Educate and Empower your Children to Love, Live and Grow

children learning and having fun- enjoying their day - manly child care centre - treehouse Early Learning Qld
Learn and grow - motor skills - Manly Kindy - treehouse Early Learning Qld

Be a Part of the Journey

The ideal way to get to know us is by booking a tour.

That way you can meet the team, visit the room where your child will attend, find out about our programs, see our indoor and outdoor learning and play areas and we can answer any questions you have.