School Ready Skills Program

School Ready Skills Program

Preparing for school is an exciting time in most children’s lives and we strive to ensure your child has the desire to engage in play-based learning with both peers and educators to achieve the very best start to their schooling years.

Our programs provide a combination of child initiated and teacher led activities, building skills to enable each child to be confident in their physical, social and emotional abilities to navigate through school.

Through commitment, dedication and partnership with families and local schools, our Kindergarten program, prepares your child to be confident, strong and resilient, ready to conquer the world, through a developed sense of wellbeing and connection to the world around them.

Through highly skilled Early Childhood Teachers (who hold their Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching) and educators, our Kindergarten program at Treehouse Early Learning Marsden and Manly, provides a gentle transition from their Curriculum guidance of the Early Years Learning Framework through stepping stones to their Curriculum with Pre-Prep learning from the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Goals.

By following the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Goals, our Kindergarten program provides your child with all the necessary skills to not only be academically ready, but socially and emotionally ready as well, for the learning journey that school provides.

Our Early Childhood Teachers, develop strong connection with the local primary schools.

Where organising transition visits to the schools for the children to take part in and discover their next adventure, but to also allow key teaching figures from the local schools, to visit the children, in their own familiar surroundings, whilst they get ready for their next big transition!

Be a Part of the Journey

The ideal way to get to know us is by booking a tour.

That way you can meet the team, visit the room where your child will attend, find out about our programs, see our indoor and outdoor learning and play areas and we can answer any questions you have.