Mini Master chef

Mini Master chef

Our Mini Master Chef program is all about educating your little one about healthy food habits to help them make smart food choices in the future.

Through a carefully planned menu and Mini Master Chef classes, the combination of our Centre Chef and Educators, promote and encourage, healthy eating practices and awareness of where our daily food comes from.

Children will also learn about nutrition and how important it is to put good ‘fuel’ in their bodies and most importantly, they’ll have a lot of fun!

Our meals are prepared on-site by our qualified chef who uses tasty, fresh, wholesome and nutritional ingredients to keep active, hungry tummies satisfied.

Our meals are always interesting and a lot more gourmet than you’d find at your local café!

In addition to the delicious homemade food on offer, our Centre Chef, takes the time to implement Mini Master Chef Cooking Classes, passing on their valuable knowledge about food and nutrition, through a fun and interactive Cooking Class!

Our menus conform to, the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), but also to the Australian Dietary Guidelines for children.

Our delicious menu, has also been reviewed by Nutrition Australia, to ensure that all of our Treehouse friends, are enjoying a well-balanced daily menu, to help their growing bodies!

Curious to know more – get in touch with Marsden 0492 953 036 or Manly call 07 3348 4989 or use our contact us form.

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