Doing Things Differently

Doing Things Differently

At Treehouse Early Learning, we take a holistic approach to caring for your child. We encourage:

Healthy Food

What we eat contributes to our overall health and wellbeing. Our qualified chef prepares meals on-site that fuel growing bodies and minds and keeps hungry tummies satisfied.

We also educate our children about important nutritional concepts so they learn to make informed food decisions.

Healthy Bodies

Our play spaces introduce children to the importance of physical health and well being regardless of their age, from developing gross motor skills like crawling, ‘first steps’ and running, to fine motor skills. 

Like grasping objects, shoveling sand and developing and refining their pencil grip, ready for pre-writing activities.

We schedule daily physical activity time, group activities and regular

Adventure Time excursions that give children an opportunity to experience aspects of the wider community.

Healthy Minds

Research shows that confidence and a love of learning can be developed well before children learn how to verbally express themselves fully.

We help children to build resilience so that they are curious, adaptable and self-aware, which leads to improved foundational learning.

Healthy Families

At Treehouse Early Learning childcare, Marsden and Manly,  we foster a collaborative, welcoming and inclusive environment.

We build trusting relationships and encourage open and honest communication so that your child develops emotional strength and social connectivity.

Healthy World

Children are our future and we believe that it’s never too early for them to understand the important role they play in contributing to a healthier world.

Through our programs and playscapes, children learn about the environment, conservation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Healthy Communities

Introducing children to community concepts at an early age encourages empathy and helps them learn about teamwork.

This creates a sense of belonging, and the importance of contributing to the community and society as a whole.

Be a Part of the Journey

The ideal way to get to know us is by booking a tour.

That way you can meet the team, visit the room where your child will attend, find out about our programs, see our indoor and outdoor learning and play areas and we can answer any questions you have.